Wednesday, September 30, 2009

We're moving..

We're moving and I am overwhelmed. My husband is traveling this week so I am packing while my two little men attack me in the process. Fortunately, we are able to take trips to the house and drop of a little bit here and there. Friday is our official move day, the Uhaul rental day.
The new house is larger than our current abode and we'll have lots of bare walls, and empty rooms. I am ready for the challenge of decorating our new home and tackling my husbands fear of color.  Join me for the adventure.

Our first project, actually there are quite a few.
1. Buy a refrigerator
2. Buy a dishwasher
3. Buy a washer and dryer
4. Fix the garbage disposal
5. Do the courtyard, current state dirt and old unfinished concrete
6. Do the backyard, current state weeds, look like a forest of them, dirt and old unfinished concrete
7. Patch up walls with puddy and paint, where needed
8. Carpets cleaned
9. Carpet fixed, master bedroom is loose.
10. Order window coverings
11. Babyproofing
12. Paint

My main focus on the new house is paint. I have lived for the last five years with cream walls. My husband dosen't like color, or I should say, he likes muted colors so I have let him have his way.
Now it's my turn.

To start here are the rooms we're painting.
1. Master bedroom + suite
Color: Silver Sage by Restoration Hardware

2. Jakes room
Color: Asparagus by Behr

3. The boys bathroom
Color: Sea Sprite by Behr

We began prepping our bedroom the other day and spent more than 5 hours doing this. It is a large space but we are clearly not skilled at painting, at least in a time crunch. After much consideration we decided to hire Paul the Painter. I have faith that he'll do a far better job than us.
I'll post pics once the rooms are done.

Happy Moving...


  1. can't wait to see the rooms. great color choices too.

  2. I adore your color choices...and bless you! I can't imagine trying to move with my little man underfoot. EEEK!


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