Wednesday, March 31, 2010

a day in the city

Last week, the hubs and I traveled to San Francisco.  Have ya been?
My youth was spent in the city attending university.  Ahhh, good times, too good to ever be shared. HA!
When I return to the city for a visit I feel so excited as we drive over the Bay Bridge and see the city in all it's beauty.  Lately my favorite spot to visit is the Marina district. It's on the water, sunny (at least it feels it), the shopping is great as are the local restaurants.
First stop our hotel, for a quick wardrobe change. We ended up staying at the Hyatt in the Financial District. Here are the views from our room later that night.

{ the city lights}

On our way to shopping and food in the Marina

{the hubs driving}

{my go to bag, I love all things LV}

{lovin on my ruffled shoes from BP Nordstrom}

{runners in the marina with a glimpse of the Golden Gate}

{first stop, lululemon. seriously, I love the name as well as the groove pants.
 picked up a new pair}

{second stop Z Gallerie, this trellis pillow is a must for me and well priced}

{lovin this tufted bed frame}

{such a rich looking chandelier}

{orange is for me this spring, as is this stool}

{loved all these looks. my sis in law bought this couch in a weathered brown leather 
and it is so comfy, who woulda thought}

{lovin the turquoise and peacock feathers centerpiece}

{fun lavender feathers}

{who doesn't need a sailboat chandelier}

{my dream office chair}

{final stop, dinner at Betelnut, the yummiest restaurant around, seriously}

~The End~
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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Fun finds

Thanks to Home Goods for always having amazing lamps.  These are a few that I am considering for our guest room. The top on my list, the pink ones. What say you?

Sunday, March 28, 2010

let's have a celebration

The hubs and I had a fantastic time celebrating my birthday on Friday.  Eric surprised me with dinner reservations at one of my favorite local restaurants, Ella Dining Room and Bar.  The wine was divine and the food was rich in flavor. We ate so much I was tired before my entree arrived. 

{the sneaky hubs}

{the grand entrance}

{can't get enough of the shutters}

{the drama}

{Eric, L & Sarah, R}

{the first course, Salmon Flatbread}

The Menu

{after my first glass of wine, I forgot to take pictures of the our delicious food, figures.}

{the prettiest restroom door I've ever seen}

Are you all wondering what the hubs got me for my birthday, besides an fantastic dinner???
Answer....THE iPad... Well, I won't actually get it until April 3rd.  I was shocked and beyond excited. With all that has been going on with Eric, I cannot believe he even made reservations for dinner let alone pre-order this baby. He really is so thoughtful and sweet!

Following the fun at Ella we headed home to finish off the night with a birthday celebration family style. My two little men were waiting to sing for me, open my gifts for me and most importantly eat cake. Jake, my oldest kept announcing Happy Birthday Mom, eat cake. 

{my boys tearing it up}

Saturday was a beautiful day here in Sunny California. There was a nice breeze so we decided to help our boys fly their first kite. It was not easy. 

We all got tangled up in the fun. I know the backyard is a bit blah, but we are in the works on making it a much better place.  I'll post our plans soon.

{Ry exploring}

Sunday was spent weeding and mowing the lawn, a first for me.  My goal for 2010, accomplishing a lot of firsts. 
How was your weekend?  Any celebrations?

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Fun, Fun, Fun.....

Have you seen the new Summer Pottery Barn Kids Catalog?  I am seriously in love with too many things.  From the new bedding to beachy fun, there is too much to choose from. 

For the little princess in your life

and the prince 
{Jake loves his Madras quilt for his bunk bed}

I am loving this chenille jute rug, I think this will have to go in our playroom

Madras curtains, these are a must for my Ry
I guess the boys rooms will match. 

Multi Stripe Rug, with a great price tag.
I am thinking these are better served as a splat mat for our playroom. 

A beachy playroom

the new fold out lounge chair

Backyard heaven

cool chairs

This is another must for this summer, a fun striped sprinkler.

Another must for our yard is this whale pool with the water spout, my boys will love it.

Weed whacker, the hubs will love Jake working with this one by his side. 

It's Friday and I couldn't be more pleased. Did you know, today is my birthday.  The hubs has a surprised planned. I am to be ready at 5:45 pm, dressed warm yet nice and ready for a good time. I love surprises so I CANNOT wait!  I'll let you all know the fun had. 
Any plans for you all this weekend?  

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