Sunday, September 19, 2010

a little update

I will

Friends - please excuse my absence as of late. I will continue to be post off and on for the next month.  Why?  I am focusing my time on my husband and my kids.  My husband Eric finishes chemotherapy next month and we are full of hope that he will be cured of his cancer.  I cannot wait to begin this new chapter in our life that continues to be full of love, happiness and one that I can share with my husband each and everyday. 

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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Italy's It Girl

Fashion is in the air, at least online for me since I live in California.  But for those in NYC, Fashion Week is officially upon us.  Since I adore fashion, I have been scouring online to find the top fashion looks for fall.  While browsing the other day, I ran into this amazingly dressed and adorably sweet looking lady.  Have you ever seen her before?  I had not but I have to say that I am in love with her style and would love a peek into her closet.  She is chic without being too serious and takes risks, but I guess that's part of the job when you are Editor of Elle Italia. 
Introducing or re-introducing, Italy's It Girl, Eva Fontanelli.

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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Pardon me

Life has got the best of me this week so please pardon my absence here at the Dish.
Where to start...
Colds, chemotherapy, a sick husband from chemotherapy, angry Mrs. because hubby is sick from chemotherapy (I have officially entered the "angry" stage), colds = fussy boys, colds = fussy mom, school for Jake and mom (yes I am back at it, crazy), renewing my Real Estate license to start my business again (I can't believe I've been a SAHM for 4 years now), all that being said,
I am feeling oddly inspired this week with fabric.
My husband recently informed me that he loved the Raid fabric by Windsor Smith Home for Kravet (he caught a glimpse of it on the Bachelor Pad, check it out as they are filming in an amazing house).  Eric would like to see this fabric in our family room (insert happy dance), although I am not convinced it's best for our family room.  Why?  Our family room opens to our kitchen, eat in area and den therefore I don't want too many fabrics going on..

The jumping off fabric that I want most in my kitchen/eat-in area/family room/den is Wittman in Melon by Fabricut.  Isn't she beautiful!

Here's where the fabrics will be going. 

Please keep in mind that we are changing some of the furniture, actually all of it minus the kitchen table and chairs (working on that one with the hubs).  Also working on the hubs so I can replace the current lighting over the island to my dream pendant lights.  In the upper right hand picture, with the beige accordion shade (boring) is where I think the drapes made of Wittman in Melon fabric will hang.  Then in the upper left picture, I was thinking of adding more of the Wittman in Melon fabric to the window in front of the kitchen sink (by the rooster).  You can't tell but there is room to add curtains.  Would you or would you not add curtains there?  Keep in mind we are not replacing the bamboo shades or the plantation shutters.  Then the lower right hand picture where you see the plantation shutters, we want to add curtains in between each set of shutters (to add color and texture) and this is where the Raid in either Jet or Mocha would come in.  What do you think?  Too much pattern, contrasting pattern?  
Next week I'll show you the furniture that we want to use in the makeover.  A side note - the rug pictured has a mixture of colors from blue to orange to red to green to brown.  I want to pull a few of those out from the rug and add them to the room with accessories.  Speaking of accessories, I plan on using mostly blue, orange and white accents in the kitchen, obviously replacing the red.
Next week I'll most my inspiration board for my guest room, sorry it's taken me so long.
Hope you are all enjoying your holiday weekend.

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