Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Pitter Pat

Okay, okay... I love everything Apple and I don't mean the fruit.  I love my iPhone ( I have two). My Apple Laptop is fantastic especially with it's pink cover. I have been skeptical of all the Kindles in the world. Mostly because I love books, they way they smell, feel.  I like getting my fingers dirty going through Sunday's paper. And lastly, I am OBSESSED with buying magazines.  I pretty much buy them all, much to the chagrin of my hubs. Soooo when I heard Apple was coming out with a product similiar to the Kindle I wasn't sure what to think...  Until today.  The iPad is much like the iPhone but better.
The size is fantastic...

The features are fantastic too.  It has iBooks, over 140,000 apps to download & Safari which means you can browse online and check email.  It also has video so you can watch movies, You Tube, iPod, iTunes, maps, notes, calendar, contacts, pictures......
Despite the hefty price, it ranges from $499 to $829, I think it is worth it.
What do you think of the iPad?  Is it worth the $$$?


  1. looks intriguing. my husband wants one, but I am so willing to wait till the price goes down.

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  3. Oops..didn't mean to delete it.. I think waiting till the price lowers and the 2nd generation comes out is not a bad plan..

  4. I'm a bit sceptical, so I'm going to wait a while and see what the user reviews are like. Plus, I have to wait anyway because it won't be available in Australia FOREVER!

  5. i hate ipad. I think it's more of an itampon

  6. looks neat, but for that price I think I will go with the kindle! wowza!


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