Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy Dance Monday

Recovering from a busy weekend always makes me want to sit down with my morning cup(s) of Jo and Blog.  This morning started off with a wonderful surprise when I found out that I received this....

{the happy award}

A big hug to Kellyansapansa for gifting me with my FIRST EVER blog award, the Happy Award. This sent me into a happy dance frenzy this morning!
Kellyasnsapansa's blog is a must read for me, make sure to check her out.

Upon receiving this award you are to list TEN things that make you happy. That's easy.

1.  My kiddos, Jake and Ryan
2.  The hubs, Eric. {Thanks again for my beautiful roses yesterday}
3.  My daily cup of Jo, actually three or so cups of Jo.
4.  A nice hot shower or bath, whichever I can fit in.
5.  Shopping, anywhere, even the grocery. Hey, I am a mom now and don't get out as much.
6.  Blogging
7.  Exercising, especially kick boxing. Thanks to Cari the best instructor around or at least in my town.
8.  Getting pampered with my girly friends.
9.  Accessories, yes I said accessories. I am addicted to handbags, shoes and scarfs. (see comment 5)
10.  Traveling, I love exploring this great big world we live in.

And 10 blogs that make me Happy. Drumroll please......

1.  Artsy Crafty Babe
2.  Bon Bon Rose Girls
3.  Emily A. Clark
4.  Isabella & Max Rooms
5.  La Jeune Marie
6.  luvinthemommyhood
7.  Martinis or Diaper-Genies
8.  Sixth Street Design School
9.  Sweet as a Candy
10.  two ellie

How was your weekend?  Has anything made your day Happy?


  1. eek! now I am happy too. thank you.

  2. Ooh - thank you for a bunch of new blogs to read!

  3. Congrats! So glad to find your blog and thank you for your sweet comments on mine!


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