Tuesday, February 2, 2010

no way, it's already tuesday....

The fam and I had a great weekend.  I hope you did too.  The men worked on the courtyard on Saturday. The boys loved helping dad dig in the dirt to make way for the plants.
{The boys playing digging away}

While the men were hard at work I was being pampered with a haircut and color at my local salon, Hoshall's. It was blissful. I read loads of magazines, drank cucumber water (sooo refreshing) and relaxed in the serene setting.

On Sunday we spent quality time together.  First we started the morning off with......
{I heart my chalkboard}

I recently purchased The Pioneer Woman Cookbook and knew instantly I had to make the French Breakfast Puffs. They are yum! Next time, I am gonna make them as mini muffins so they'll be easier to gobble down. My husband kept saying how great they'd be with a chocolate dipping sauce. Although that would put these under a dessert vs. breakfast. No?

After breakfast we took a walk in our neighborhood and enjoyed the scenery, Folsom Lake. The lake is a bit low right now but she's sure to fill up come Summer time.

The boys loved seeing the horse. She was beautiful, friendly and made giant poops. 
The boys were in awe of them. 

The boys loved finding the different sticks and stones. 
Jake would grab his binoculars to investigate the dirt, it was hilarious!

That's the dish for Tuesday, more to come this week!


  1. Mmm - dessert as breakfast is my favourite. Loving your chalkboard!

  2. normally I am the one working in the garden while hubby is out... I like your way better:)

  3. Just wanted to say thanks for visiting my blog and that I also Heart your chalk board. Looks great! I'm in the process of making/painting one for our hallway now.

  4. What a grandeous board! How neat.
    I heart PW. Not so much her cookbook as I'm not so much a cook, LOL, but she is soo neat. I met her at her book signing for the cookbook. Enjoy it!


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