Tuesday, April 13, 2010

it's time

Last night the hubs and I stayed up way past our bedtime and discussed our backyard.  
Currently, our backyard is in a sad state.  The previous homeowners starting something but never finished so we have cracked unfinished concrete, weeds, dirt and bark lying around and looking pretty shabby.  We've done what we can to make it look somewhat decent but it is a serious work in progress.   
Last night, the hubs drew up beautiful plans which include a pool, stamped concrete,
 trees, plants, grass, patio covers and a too cool play center for the kids, all these combined will make for an amazing tropical retreat. 
Our initial budget doesn't allow for the above right now but we hope to begin the process shortly of ripping out the concrete and adding grass so the backyard is usable until we can make our 
dream a reality. 

Any backyard projects you're working on?  

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  1. We're in the same boat. Our yard is a mess. Next up on the agenda is sod!


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