Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Cooking for the Clueless

My dear friend Zuzy, has developed a DVD perfectly named, Cooking for the Clueless.
How it came about:  “Cooking for the Clueless” was born in our living room after realizing that we had a storage full of kitchen gadgets, appliances, and registry "must-haves" that we didn’t know how to use. While our kitchen colleted dust and eating out every night was the norm, living healthier and saving money was becoming more of a priority. We knew we had to change. The intention was there, but attempts were pretty exhausting. Then we thought of our virtual mentor, Donny Deutch, telling us “there’s gotta be a better way!” So we decided to make “Cooking for the Clueless,” bringing in the pros to teach us delicious basics from the "clueless" perspective.
Zuzy is auditioning to host Cooking for the Clueless for Oprah's New Network, OWN. Please check out her video clip HERE and see why she should be the next TV Star. Oh and don't forget to VOTE

For more information about Cooking for the Clueless be sure to pop by their website here.  It is full of useful info, such as yummy recipes, expert tips, their blog and the Cooking for the Clueless DVD, available for purchase.  Thanks Bloggers for supporting one of us.

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  1. Cooking for the clueless?? Yup, that would be me!! Where do I sign up ;-)

  2. I know... I am still learning so this DVD helps.. seriously. :)


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