Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Dot the Dog is a winner

Please excuse the mess here at The Dish today. It looks as if my blog is having some technical issues.  My last post pics weren't showing anymore and now my header and photos are covered in a gray band. I am working on getting it fixed.
In good news, I, actually my dog, Dot the Dog, won a Eco-friendly Harry Barker Dog Bed. Thanks to Jamie of i suwannee and her pup Rowdy for hosting this fantastic giveaway.
Dot the Dog will soon be resting easy on this bed soon.  He is getting a medium sized bed in the color blue and rectangular in shape.
If you want this bed for your dog, head on over to allmodernpet.com

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  1. Cute dog bed! Sometimes I see dog beds at Homegoods and stuff that I would actually like to use as pillows, lol! Your blog looks great to me, I browse in Google Chrome and there's no problem! XO!

  2. Those are cute! And your blog looks great to me!

  3. Thanks for letting me know about how my blog looks. I am thinking it might be my computer and/or browser which is making it appear altered.


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