Friday, July 23, 2010

This + That = My Closet

This is a drawing I did of my dream closet. Like?

I'd use this fabric by Rubie Green on the ottoman

The walls would be painted in Silver Sage by Restoration Hardware to match my room.

This Jonathan Adler light found here would light my clothes just right. 

The wood work would be in Espresso with silver knobs which is what is throughout our house. 

Now the floor, I am not sure if I'd add a rug but if I had too, it would be this beauty. Although I'd love a rug that combined the pink, silver sage, cream, white and espresso.. Any suggestions?

Now, I would add cedar siding to the floors to help keep moths out. I've seen it done in model homes and I luv it.  I would want to stain the cedar, if possible, so it wouldn't clash with the espresso wood. 

I almost forgot that I would get all new hangers in white or pink like these

What's your dream closet friends? 

While we're on the subject of closets, here's mine on a good day. 

Happy Friday lovelies! Any fun plans for the weekend?

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  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog! We might have hiked right past each other in Yosemite!

    I love your dream closet, and your current closet, it's huge! I'd go with the pink Chevron pattern too for the ottoman, lovely, and the dark wood . . . I'd move right in!

  2. good graish you have a lot of clothes!!!

  3. I love your idea of the perfect closet! I want one too! =)

  4. Your dream closet could be my dream closet...I love it! And your current closet isn't half bad either, makes me want to go organize mine!

  5. oh my gosh, that's it, you're in my head I swear...your posts are so similar to what I do over at Project K, or think to do and never have the time!! I have my WHOLE DREAM CLOSET mapped out in my head, we hope to eventually turn our never-used downstairs pool room/spare room into one giant master suite ranging the depth of our house and about a third of it wide, if that makes anysense. Now you inspired me to do a mood board on my one-day-probably-not-until-the-kids-move-out closet...I am super jealous of your closet by the way, you should see the tiny one me and hubby share now!

  6. As soon as I move into a house with an extra bedroom, I am going to make a closet/dressing room and that pink wallpaper would be perfect! Hopefully that will happen one day,before I have a baby and then have to change it into a nursery!


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