Monday, December 6, 2010

Celebrate good times

Whew, what a weekend.  Friday was a blast.  We laughed, cried, drank the best wine (thanks AJ) and played the longest game of 10 penny ever (our family favorite card game). Bed time was early morning.  Saturday was hectic as I was gently nudging our guests out the door as well as the hubs so I could set up for his Saturday afternoon surprise party.  The hubs caught on as one of our good friends passed him on the street on his way out to his hair appointment.  Thankfully he was gracious and still played along.  The suprise party was a SUCCESS and the hubs felt so special!  Following the party we went to dinner with our good friends and the hubs lil sis (thanks Kathy for braving the snow storm).  Kids weren't in bed until 11pm.  Long day for all.  Sunday was the hubs actual birthday.  We were pooped.  The hubs sleep until 10:30 am.  Lucky guy.  Ate cinammon rolls brought by his best bud (thanks Spencer).  Presents were opened, the boys thought they were for them, funny.  The hubs got three framed pics for his office, one of us, and one of each of the boys.  The big gift apple tv. The hubs loves it.  You can stream your itunes library on your tv, watch your shows, movies, listen to your music, cool stuff.  The rest of the day was spent eating and shopping.  Maybe next week we can put our feet up.  Didn't take pictures for most of the weekend.  Having to much fun and forgot.  Now typing along and listening to the coolest rain storm.  Do you love the rain, storms?

While blogging tonight I ran into The Girls with Glasses Show.  They seem fun and as a wearer of glasses and contacts I thought I'd give them a listen/watch.

You are loved - Happy Holidays

The Girls with Glasses Show - Theme Song

Catchy tunes.  I think I am a fan.  Up this week on the Dish, holiday gift guide and the giveaway I told you about weeks ago, sorry friends for the delay.  By the way, how was your weekend?

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  1. Oh I want to learn more about playing 10 penny..sounds fun.

    That top image is so cute with the cupcakes and garland.

    xx - Christina

  2. I like your blog! Also, love the image on top; those flower colors against the rough chalkboard.


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