Thursday, January 13, 2011

Fashion Art

Fashion is on my mind lately, a lot.  Until recently, I had only discovered Design blogs.  Now that I have discovered Fashion Blogs, I am smitten.  Some of the ladies in the blog world are seriously stylish!!!  I've decided that as one who has always adored fashion, even studied it in college, that I must step up my game (in the wardrobe dept).  While I am not sure about picture posts of me in outfits, maybe I can figure something else out.  I tried having the hubs take my pictures last Saturday night and they were not worthy of a post.  I loved my outfit but I am not a model and did not do myself or my outfit any justice.

In addition to loving fashion, I love fashion illustrations.  One artist that I've admired for awhile is Miss Capricho.  If you're a fan of DailyCandy you've seen the beautiful work of Miss Capricho.  If not, you are in for a treat, go here.. 

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  1. I still feel completely awkward when doing outfit shots!! hehe LOVE these illustrations... that middle one is absolutely beautiful - love the colors.

  2. Yes i love her work! does she have a blog? I must see.. :)

  3. I love fashion illustration too! That was my true passion that I kind of gave up. It's always been a big regret of mine.

  4. Oh I do love that second photo!

  5. Jaime- she doesn't have a blog but her website is


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