Tuesday, February 15, 2011

American Legends


Have you been keeping up with NYC Fashion Week?  I am trying and from what I've seen I am smitten with the looks at Diane Von Furstenburg.  My favorite being this bold blue dress with pops of gold?  I am dreaming of where I could wear this stunner.  Suggestions anyone?  Diane's Fall 2011 collection reflects her Studio 54 days, with hints of gold lamé and her usual vibrant print" Instyle Magazine.  DVF included her signature wrap dresses (they are a favorite of mine) as well as her use of color and rich patterns.  Bravo Diane!
What are your thoughts on Fashion Week so far?  Like it, love it or don't care about it?

Speaking of Fashion Week, my area's local Fashion Week begins at the end of February.  I am so excited to attend this years shows.  I'll make sure to report on any emerging designers that I love.  If you live in or around the Sacramento area stop by here to learn more about Fashion Week. 

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  1. always love me some dvf too! :) i have dedicated practically my whole week to stalking nyfw...it's so fun!


  2. Oh I love DVF! I caught up on some of my favorites last night :)

  3. every season...so amazing! i love that bold blue. fabulous color.

  4. I don't think I could ask more for more then blue and pops of gold =)
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