Saturday, February 19, 2011

Can you tell?

Can you tell which shoe is high & low in price? 
 If you guessed 1 as high and 2 as low then you are correct!  
Shoe info
1.  Dolce Vita "Pela" Strappy Wedge Sandal - $159.00 via Bloomingdales
2.  Mossimo Pilar Strappy Wedge Sandals - $29.99 via Target

Which brings me to deals... Since it's Presidents weekend all the retailers are offering sales.  While I love a good deal, I am skipping the sales this weekend.  Are you off to the sales or shopping online? 

So I have to share why my post is late today.  Well, last night the fam and I headed to San Francisco to have dinner with family.  Since we didn't arrive until 7pm we ate in.  I must say that eating-in in San Francisco isn't bad.  We had delicious Indian food.  My sweet sis-in-law purchased my favorite white wine of the moment Riva Ranch by Wente.  It is buttery and smooth.  If you like wine, try it.  After a splendid evening, the hubs and I and our two boys headed home. 
First up for today was a play-date with my friend Jamie.  Since the boys and I slept in (sorry Eric you had to get up at 6 am) we had no time to eat at home so we headed over to Starbucks.  My drink of choice a skinny caramel macchiato, yummy.  Then the boys and I stopped off at my favorite cupcake shop, Icing on the Cupcake.  I had to bring Jamie and her family treats because they spoil us whenever we visit.  Of course I purchased extra cupcakes to take home for a treat.  After our fun we headed home to rest and rest we did.  

Okay, back to these shoes, I am loving wedges.  They are my "right now" shoe.  I purchased shoe 2 a few weeks back and I feel tall and sassy in them.  Do you like?

Happy Weekend Loves! 

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  1. Wow, these two look very similar! Great find! I won't be shopping as I have too much to do for Uni. Have a lovely weekend!


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