Saturday, March 13, 2010


Although I have loads going on I am trying to organize my house. Crazy timing, yes! I feel though that once I am organized, I'll have more control over my house which will help me get through the impending chaos.
On Monday, I'll show you my progress in the kitchen.  Besides my kitchen, I am working on....
*the laundry room 
*guest room & closet
*both mine and the hubs closets in our bedroom
*mounting pictures that we've left lying around for too many months

Since we are on the topic of organizing, do any of you feel giddy over the Better Homes & Gardens special publications in organizing?  I do!
These are a few pics from their latest issue on newsstands now.

Are you enjoying your weekend? See you all next week.


  1. No matter how hectic life is, I always feel better when things are organised!

  2. Yep, I need to jump on this, too! I started off organized, but things have definitely slipped! Thanks for the reminder!!

  3. i love to organize. I am almost done with the house. Next up is the drawers. then a garage sale.

  4. I've been "spring" cleaning for awhile now. It just helps me to "sane". Bless your heart sweet pea!
    Any news?

  5. being organized does feel great. ;)I am behind on it so no kitchen reveal today but soon.


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