Monday, March 15, 2010

Outside it is

My kitchen is still being organized as are the other rooms I mentioned in my previous post, so my reveal, if you can call it that, will have to wait.
In other news, we had a fantastic weekend. The weather was bright and sunny with a light chill thrown in so we spent Sunday outside. After a yummy lunch at Daphne's Greek Cafe and a quick stop at Home Goods we headed over to Bushnell Gardens Nursery, the most beautiful nursery around. We all love to wander the grounds, admiring the various trees, plants, flowers, water fountains, gardens and colorful chickens. Yep, I said chickens, at the gardens they try and keep it natural with chickens that roam and lovebirds that chirp away.
{one of many beautiful fountains}

{now entering}

{the lovely chickens}

{the tree we bought and all the cool pots}

{Jake & Ryan loving running on this pathway, chasing the chickens as they yell go bird}

Did I mention, their fantastic shop? Here are some of their unique pieces of outdoor furniture.

How was your weekend? 

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  1. this looks lie quite a fabulous place. love the tree.


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