Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earth Day & other stuff

Happy Earth Day 

What are you doing to celebrate Earth Day today?  
Our family works on the following everyday to help our Earth . 

1.  Recycle - all cans, plastic, paper, glass

2.  Reuse - grocery bags, clothes and cardboard

3.  Reduce - the hubs just replaced our light bulbs with energy efficient ones. 
We recently purchased an energy efficient dishwasher, 
as well as energy efficient washer and dryer

4.  We planted 4 new plants this past weekend and plan on planting even more plus a few trees.

5.  I am currently replacing all of my cleaning products with eco- friendly ones.  
The only product I am having trouble changing is my Tide.  
Any thoughts on eco-friendly laundry detergent that is as good as Tide?

6.  Food - buying organic food and from local farmers markets. 

Does this cake looks yummy or what?  
I am thinking that I'll make it for Ryan's 2nd Birthday in June.  
Therefore, I am on a mission....
I want to take the ingredients for the Rainbow Cake found here and 
replace them with healthier alternatives..  
Any suggestions are welcomed and I'll let you know what I use to switch up this recipe. 

First, the hubs has Cancer and we are revamping our kitchen to make it Cancer friendly.. 

What does Cancer friendly mean?  
No sugar, no processed foods, basically yummy foods that lessen the impact of side effects from chemotherapy, improve his appetite and immunity as well as overcome changes in his sense of taste.

Second, our kids eat too many processed foods these days and I want to make everything they eat as healthy for them as possible.

Do you have any yummy yet healthy recipes that you'd want to share here on A Spoonful of Dish? If that is a yes, then email me at aspoonfulofdish{at}blogspot{dot}com.  

{Images found here & here}

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  1. great list, sounds like us. except for recycling we don't have a local pick up or drop off, boo. I do try to reuse as much as possible. I still use all free and clear. we have crazy sensitive skin so I have to be careful.


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