Wednesday, May 12, 2010

making a decision

Last week I had posted here about my dining room.  On Friday, we had a designer come out and discuss our window.  I enjoyed the meeting but still feel uncertain about what to do.
Here is a sample of what we pulled together.  Chocolate Velvet Curtains with a Greek Key Border/Trim.  I am leaning towards the Brown and Ivory Greek Keys border although I like the green/ivory as well as the blue/ivory border too.
{Sorry for the fuzzy pics but they were taken with my phone} 
What do you think?  Like or not so much?

My inspiration for my dining room comes from these rooms. I adore this couch with the Greek Keys fabric.  It is amazing as are the colors, they flow together effortlessly.
Another couch I lust after.  The green velvet with the detailed trim draws me in.  The couch is the reason why I think I should have a border on my curtains, I love how it looks.

{Fabrics & trim images by me, other images courtesy of Palmer Weiss}

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  1. Love the Greek Key pattern. I think its an excellent choice considering all you inspiration pictures. I am a fan of green and brown- natures best color combo (trees!)

  2. can't go wrong with greek key. I am sure they will be gorgeous!

  3. I am totally salivating over that green sofa...and greek key fabric....LOVE!

  4. Did you think about maybe doing the chocolate curtains and having your chairs upholstered in the key pattern of your choice? I have been doing a lot of design searching as I am decorating our the guest room with the whole chocolate/pale blue palette (my fave at the moment). I am sure whatever you pick will look great!


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