Thursday, July 22, 2010

My Man

Today I was hanging out with the hubs while he went through his 7th round of chemotherapy which means we've passed the halfway mark!  So, with 2 1/2 months left in his chemotherapy cycle I am full of hope.  During his treatment today we received the good news that his 2nd Pet scan showed no abnormal growth in his body. This solidifies that the chemotherapy is doing it's job.  After Eric's 1st Pet scan they located a lymph node that was inflamed which was concerning since they thought they removed all the cancer during his surgery in February yet the doctors assured us not to worry because the chemotherapy would shrink it and it has.  I've set up a CaringBridge website for the hubs and still working on the specifics but if you're curious about Eric's progress you can read more here.

I tried blogging on my iPad today and Safari couldn't support blogger in full, meaning I could only write a post not add pictures.  Has anyone figured out how to use their iPad and still blog?  I ask because we spend up to 12 hours at Eric's chemotherapy appointments over a three day period and it'd be great if I could use my iPad more. All suggestions welcomed!

Eric and the boys at Hetch Hetchy dam last week

P.S. Eric I love you.  You're the best partner and daddy!

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  1. half way! you must be thrilled. Praying for you all still.

  2. Oh, praying that it continues successfully! A good attitude certainly helps, I know! No input on the iPad, unfortunately I am not lucky enough to have one yet! XO!


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