Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Back to School - Boys

Now that Jake is in preschool I have been considering buying some back to school clothes for him.  Since it's hot here I have delayed buying anything because we still have two more months of warm weather.  This does not mean I have not be searching online for what I will buy once it starts to cool down.  Which brings me to the Gap, a staple in my boys wardrobe.  For me they have good quality clothes that are durable as well as affordable.  If you peak into Jake or Ryan's closets you will find that most of their pants and shorts are Gap as well as some shirts.  Although for their shirts I tend to shop at Polo or local boutiques because I adore cool kids shirts that are unique.  
Here's a peek at what my boys will be wearing this Fall.

Where are you shopping for Back to School for yourself or the kiddos?

[images found here]

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  1. So adorable. Don't have a brood of my own yet but can't wait to have little boys to dress! Stop by because I'm doing my first gggggiveaway....Earrings!!!

  2. these are all quite adorable.


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