Wednesday, August 11, 2010

new beginnings

This is officially our last week of summer.  Why? My wee boy Jake (pictured below) starts preschool next week.  Tomorrow we have a preschool social that we are all looking forward to.  Jake will meet Miss Amy (his teacher) again as well as his classmates.  To say Jake is excited would be an understatement.  In addition to the preschool buzz filling our house this week we are also booked with doctors visits, dorm room design (a first for me), birthday parties, a grammar school reunion (compliments of facebook), and a going away to college party... 
Due to the above, I am on a mini break from The Dish.  
I will be back next week for our regularly scheduled programming.  :)

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  1. How exciting for your little man! See you soon!

  2. Sarah I hope you have a great time..thanks to Facebook:-)

    Preschool is so much fun.

    xx - Christina


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