Monday, August 16, 2010


Last week was good, really good.  I got in loads of family time and took care of almost everything on my To Do's list.  The preschool social was a success and Jake had a great time.  I am reluctant to post a picture since all of them include Jake's classmates and I do not want to upset any parents.
My mini procedure was a success and I am heathy as a horse which is fantastic because I have been concerned as of late.  When I awoke Friday night after a full day's sleep (heaven),  I received some sad news that is still on my mind today.

My husband Eric has a best friend also named Eric. Eric has three kids whose youngest is an adorable little girl named Taylor.  On Friday evening, Taylor was diagnosed with Luekemia. By Saturday, she began her 1st day of Chemotherapy which she will repeat everyday for the next 6 months.  Taylor is 4 years old.  Everytime I think of Taylor and what she and her family will endure, I cry.
Marc is my husbands brother.  Marc's best friend from college has three boys, two who are twins and an adorable 3 year year old Ronan. Ronan was diagnosed with Brain Cancer this past week and had surgery this weekend.  Again when I think of what Ronan and his family will endure, I cry.
Please say a prayer for each of these families and their little babies, who are enduring more than any child should have to.  Thank you!

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