Tuesday, October 26, 2010

positive thinking

friends, tonight i am feeling all nostalgic and thinking back on the years... listening to taylor swifts new album.  a must buy and the song - never grow up, makes me cry every time. sappy, i know, sorry but i am in a mood, be warned.
i've been meaning to introduce you to our newest family member.

jasper the cat - he's puuurfect

 my boys & best buddies, Jake & Ryan

my ry guy as a baby..... sadly all of jake's baby pictures are not on my mac, will add soon!

totally off subject but tay tay's in the pic, i am loving this bow shirt. you?

back to my boys, aren't they cute?

this week i still plan on posting pics of my weekend... why?  the hubs and i celebrated our 6 year wedding anniversary. the destination, the Ritz Carlton - Lake Tahoe. it was a great evening with the hubs and reminded me yet again i am the luckiest lady! i love you Eric! 

speaking of the hubs, he has a ct/pet scan tomorrow to check things out. we are thinking positive folks that he is cured of his cancer and their is no looking back so these tests are just mere formalities.  please prey and think positive thoughts for the hubs and our little family.... thanks! 

back to happy posts soon, promise! 
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  1. Your boys are so cute (and so is Jasper!). Happy anniversary. I'll be thinking about you guys.

  2. your husband is totally in my prayers tonight. i'm sure everything will be fine, but i know its super scary.
    also, Taylors new album is ugggghhhh, SO GOOD.
    lastly, your new cat is well, the cats meow. love it.

  3. Happy anniversary! Praying for you all. Your babies are darling, but I am sure you know that already. Love the bow top.


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