Wednesday, December 1, 2010

the glamourous glamourai

I know this blog has been around awhile but it's new to me so I am officially obsessed.  Have you discovered Kelly the uniquely stylish lady of the glamourai blog?  Her style is vintage, beautiful and inspiring.  Professionally she is a stylist as well as jewelry designer, oh and blogger.  She is so good that she designed her perfect handbag for a line of Coach Collectibles.

Need I show more?  Stop by here, here and here to see more of the fab looks of the glamourai. 

Tomorrow it's back to Christmas decor galore... 
How about a peek into what we've been working on around the house. 

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  1. wow, she's quite a looker isnt she :)

  2. She is amazing! I could NEVER ;)

    Cute blog!


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