Wednesday, January 19, 2011

it's time to organize

The last two days I have been cleaning my house from top to bottom.  Since the holidays I have felt that it needed a good scrub and had been too lazy busy to get around it to.  Today my focus is on the kitchen.  My kids sippy cups, bowls, plates, and toys are overwhelming me and I am purging big time.  Also, I am organizing it all too so my label maker is being used for the first time since Christmas (thanks Jiann for my fantastic gift).  

Since the hubs has been out of town for the last week, I am happy to report that he'll be coming home to a clean and fresh smelling house.  Although, do you ever notice once you start cleaning you end up making a bigger mess than before?

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  1. Can you come over and do my house now? HAHA

  2. OH How I dream of a large food pantry!!

  3. I did the purging thing right after the holidays. It feels so great to get rid of stuff!


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