Friday, January 28, 2011

the retreat

Off of our master bedroom is our retreat/on suite/extra space, whatever you wanna call it.  Initially we had nothing in this room.  When the hubs got sick, we decided to make it an office so he could work out of the house vs his casita which is on our property but separate from the house.  His office became our office, mine really because I am the one who uses it now.  It is my little place to enjoy.  I blog here and shop (I am being honest).  Although in the near future it will be my work office as I ease back into the work world.

Since the retreat had become an office we had been discussing it acting as a gym as well.  Although we belong to a gym we don't love going to it anymore so we thought a home gym would do the trick.  Today our newest addition arrived, our treadmill.  She is a beauty folks.  She is strong, sturdy and big.  The treadmill is from Sports Authority and is the brand Freemotion.  I did not research treadmills, the hubs did and this is the one he wanted.  It's features are amazing with a fan, speeds up to 12 miles an hour (don't worry I won't ever run that fast), incline +/- (meaning it inclines forward and back).  If that isn't cool enough it has an TV screen were I can watch TV, plug in my ipad, iphone, ifit built in (so I can work out with Jillian Micheals) and google maps.  The google maps is such an awesome feature.  Why? Say you want to run the New York Marathon, the google maps will display the run as it would be during the marathon so you can train for it in your home.  I cannot wait to start using our treadmill.  I'll let you know if she is a keeper.  Do you work out at the gym or home?

On a side note, I am really looking forward to the weekend.  Jake's birthday party with his buddies is tomorrow and Sunday we have a birthday for one of our close friends kiddos followed by family visiting for dinner.  A busy weekend but lots of fun.  Any plans for your weekend?  Whatever you do enjoy it!

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  1. Oh wow, that is a super deluxe treadmill! We hired one for a while to see if we would use it, but it was a very basic model and it gathered dust for a month before we sent it back. Hmm, now you have met thinking!

  2. Our last treadmill died and I have yet to get another one.

  3. That's the perfect space for an office/gym combo! And that treadmill looks amazing!

  4. Trade the treadmill for an elliptical and I'd die for that room.


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