Monday, January 24, 2011

what we did

This weekend we ate and by eating I mean the bad stuff.  I finally decided to whip out my new Kitchen Aid mixer that the hubs got me for Christmas and I must say that I am in LOVE.  It's amazing and I now see why it's so popular.  Since I was so inspired, I decided to first make homemade pumpkin ice cream.  My goodness it was better than pumpkin pie.  I figured that pumpkin ice cream while delicious itself needed to feel a bit pie like so I made homemade whip cream and added some graham crackers to the bottom of the bowl.  To top off our dessert I added a drizzle of chocolate syrup.  Pure bliss!  
The next morning we had left over whip cream so I thought I'd make my wee boys a treat.  They loved it as much as I loved making it for them.  I would call it dressed up waffles. 
Side note, we only do sweet breakfasts once on the weekend. 

The weather out here is California is unusually warm so as much as I am sad to see the rain and cold go (for now at least) I am embracing the warmer days.  The hubs and I along with our boys played outside all weekend and it was such fun.  In addition to playing, we shopped a bit which led us to our favorite local nursery Bushnell Gardens as well as Pottery World.  Why?  Well, we are on a hunt for a few finishing touches to our backyard redo.  The right side of our house needs three pots as well as three trees.  We are pretty much decided on the above pot and the olive tree (without olives).  The water feature will be for the courtyard and placed on the casita wall (where the hubs office is).  I'll post pics this week of our backyard before and after (up to now). 

via my sis's phone

On Sunday while eating (again an eating packed weekend) at the yummy Mesquite, the fam and I watched the Chicago Bears vs. the GreenBay Packers.  My goodness I was jumping out of my seat, literally.  I thought Chicago might have a chance but in the end their QB kept giving away the ball.  Seriously, I counted four interceptions but I am sure there were more.  Anyone know?  The pic above is of my sis Gracie (a chicago resident) and her man Dirk at yesterday's game.  They were lucky enough to score tickets.  I must say I cracked up at the martini glasses.  When I think of football I think beer but I guess times are changing. 

Side note, last week while at Ikea I spotted this white fridge and became smitten.  I know you're thinking what, white.  Yes, white for my garage that is.  This white fridge is the nicest one I've ever seen and at the listed price, a gem.  Although while searching online the price came up as very different so I am a bit confused.  Luckily, I am not buying a fridge yet for my garage (just dreaming of one at the moment for extra food storage).  

How was your weekend friends?  Did you watch any football?  Shop?  Or just relax?

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