Wednesday, March 30, 2011

one dress + four looks

Ann Taylor dress last season

For weeks now, I've been seeing other bloggers do outfit posts with one piece of clothing but done several ways so I decided to join in on the fun.  Here is one of my go to dresses for spring/summer and a few ways I like to wear it.

Louis Vuitton Carry-All bag, vintage belt, BP shoes for Nordstrom, Old Navy necklace

Joan & David shoes, Ann Taylor Loft sweater, Old Navy necklace, Ann Taylor belt, Marc Jacobs bag

Chanel Purse, Cookie Lee necklace, gold and silver vintage necklace, Coach shoes

Old Navy Denim Jacket, Cookie Lee necklace, two strands of pearls, Chanel purse, Gap shoes

 I had so much fun putting these looks together to share with all of you. 
Hope you enjoyed them too.
What is your go to dress for this spring/summer?

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  1. Cutie! The last one is my fave!!

  2. The first look is my favorite. You definitely have an eye for style! Love your gorgeous handbags as well. I'm glad I discovered your site. I'm a new follower :)

    [ keep calm & blog on ]

  3. I would wear every single one of these looks. Inspiring and well done!

  4. I love these looks, especially the last one! I would wear them all though. <3

  5. Old Navy denim jacket? And Gap flats that look comfortable? This is my kind of post :)

    Love all of the looks, with the last one somewhat obviously being my favourite!


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