Monday, July 30, 2012


said traffic

What do you all do when bored?  Specially in a car bored and stuck in Los Angeles traffic?  On my recent visit to Los Angeles, I curbed my boredom by taking pictures with my phone, some of me, some of traffic and some edited in instagram.  Please note, I am not vain in the least, just bored.  Ha.  

That's me, like the tan lines?

Did I mention that my brother was laughing at me the entire time while I was taking my pics.

Same photo above but edited in Instagram. I heart Instagram and my Kate Spade sunnies.  

more traffic

My Ry Guy

My Jake

I couldn't get anymore proper photos out of the boys.  They were more interested in their Nintendo DS and the television in the car. 

My go to hat for summer, I am obsessed with Fedoras people. 

Me without my shades or hat for that matter.  

Okay, my eyes look all watery but I think it's my contacts and my forehead is not as large as it appears.  I was attempting to take a photo of my makeup that I had just done.  Yes, we were hardly moving and I was playing with my makeup.  Can I say though, that it barely looks as if I am wearing any make up.  You wouldn't know that for a few years I worked in cosmetics as a makeup artist.  Oh well.  

What do you do to entertain yourself on long car rides?  Clearly, I need some new ideas. 

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