Wednesday, August 1, 2012

back to reality

After six years as a stay at home mom, I am looking to get back into the work force.  
To say I am scared would be a gross understatement.  
While I am riddled with fear and anxiety;  I am also optimistic and dare I say excited.  
 Six years of all things kid, has been amazing but to switch things up will be good. 

Which leads me to the most important part of this new adventure, my wardrobe, or lack thereof.  I ditched my work clothes years ago so now I am on the hunt for a few keys pieces. 
I am more of a dress kind of gal so for now no pant suits for me.  Plus with temps reaching 100 plus degrees pants would be a bit miserable.

Here are a few beauties I've picked.  

Love this take on a classic and what a yummy color. 

Cute, preppy and professional.  Perfect. 

Adore this look minus the glasses. 

Red is a bold color choice but in this case not over powering.  The simple details make it elegant too. 

Fun print and a nice silhouette. 

Good stable but boring as is.  A little color from a different belt and shoes would spice it up. 

Do any of you work?  What are your work wardrobe staples?  

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