Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Jacket

This pic is of me at Nordstrom in the Hinge Gathered Leather Jacket in Caramel. 
Two months ago I tried on these beauty but didn't buy it.  $300 bucks for a leather jacket in the summer seemed crazy.  Problem is, I couldn't stop thinking about it. 

So I did what any crazed fashionista would do, I went online to Nordstrom to see if had gone on sale.  Guess what, it had, 40% off.  Although I still wasn't sure if I should buy it.  
So, I put it in my shopping bag online and waited a few more days. 
Until last night when I went online to buy it and it showed that the item was no longer available  Eek. 
I was in despair.   That's when I decided to call Nordstrom today and see if they could find one at a store. 
Thanks to Audrey in the TBD dept because she found the jacket within a minute and my order was done within five.  My new coat will arrive to me within three business days. 

In other news...

I am in love with my new glittery spoons on twitter.  If you don't follow me, you should... We can be twitter besties.  A big thanks to Amanda at LustLuxeLove for redesigning my blog, my etsy, facebook, tumblr and twitter.  She is the sweetest and seriously good at what she does.  Find her here

The boys and I are off to the beautiful + sunny Los Angeles today to visit friends + family. If you follow me on instagram, you can see snapshots of our trip.  

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