Monday, July 9, 2012

Garden Party Peeps

Getting back into blogging daily is proving more challenging than I thought.  We are in and out of town so much that I am finding I haven't the time.  I need to start blogging from my phone.  I've used BlogPress in the past.  Any recommendations for other apps?

One thing I have been working on the past six months is my house.  The interior is pretty much done (pictures to follow next month) but the exterior is still a work in progress.  These are my planter boxes that I had made.  Hope to get to planting all my herbs and veggies by the end of the month. 
I need to have the ground leveled and then dirt delivered, I need that much.  So excited though.  Also, planting a lemon, orange and lime tree on this side of the house. 

This is my new grassy area.  The patchy grass is the original grass and the rest is new.  

This is one side of the house where more new grass was added.  By thursday, the hill of dirt should be covered in plants and more trees.  Still left, adding bark and some cement around here and the pool.  More pics to come once it's finished. 

Any home improvements projects in the works for you this summer?

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