Friday, October 8, 2010

Blog Cabin 10

If you haven't already seen this beauty you are in for a treat.  Tonight while chatting with my mum she informed me about a blog cabin she entered to win on DIY Network/HGTV.  I was confused that I had not heard of it since the hubs and I are avid watchers of both networks.  House Hunters and Sarah are our personal faves on HGTV and Yard Crashers on DIY, although lately we DVR them so we can skip the commercials which could be why we missed this amazing giveaway.
This beautiful cabin was made over inside and out and I am amazed at the difference.  The cabin is located in Bethel, New York, the location of the famed Woodstock festival (a perfect fit for my hippie mom).  Good luck to all who entered especially my mum (I hope you win)!  Check out the blog here.



  1. Bloggers take over the world! It is stunning, and in a truly beautiful area! XX!

  2. What a beautiful lovely cabin! I hope your mum wins this :)

  3. amazing. i love that kitchen. and our TJs doesnt have wine- can you believe that?

  4. no wine at TJ, terrible. it's $$ less than everywhere else. maybe you could start a petition to add it! ;)


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