Thursday, October 7, 2010

Here you go

My creative juices have been flowing again and I am excited to have them back.  I have some kids projects in the works that I will post soon.  In decor news while the hubs continues to obsess about doing more to our backyard (that reveal post soon), I've been obsessing about decorating our home (something that never goes away).  Since I am not a professional decorator it is hard for me to put it all together which is why everything takes me so long.

I mentioned here & here about adding curtains to our dining room as well as here about other fabrics I would like to add to the rooms that adjoin the dining room.  The hubs and I have come to the conclusion that the amazing fabric - Raid in Smoke by Windsor Smith - will grace the gigantic windows in the dining room.
 The winner

It was between these two 

Now my only dilemma is finding someone to make these really tall and wide curtains.  Tomorrow I am going to call Windsor Smith to see if they could make them and for not too much more for the cost of the fabric (crossing my fingers).  If they don't, do any of you have suggestions on how and where to get them made?

Now on to my next room, one of many rooms that I want to tackle - the powder bathroom downstairs.  My inspiration for the room is this beauty.

What do you think ( I do mean you too hubs)?  Are you for or against wallpaper in the bathroom.  Also, do you think the space is too dark?

Here's a peak on some other going on's around our home and in our life...

To finish this post is a video I made of my silly boy Jake discussing his auntie gracie.  Enjoy!

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